Fostering Nature Awareness and Experiences

We continuously monitor our natural habitat and produce new experiences creating awareness and promoting wildlife preservation. 


oiko + xenos + ago / οίκο + ξένος + άγω
Means the one who conducts a stranger at home.
We develop and execute actions that conduct knowledge of our home, the Earth, to people and groups that are strangers to nature and its magnificent processes and dwellers.

We Monitor Wildlife

We develop and establish wildlife and ecosystem monitoring preservation programs. Our deep knowledge and experience combined with advanced technologies offer unsurpassed and affordable results that benefit our habitat.

We Create awareness

Developing educational content and dissemination strategies is key for creating awareness and promote wildlife and ecosystems preservation. 

We Develop Experiences

Experiencing nature and ecosystems is key for raising awareness and building wildlife support mentality. We design and develop experiences that range from onsite guided tours or activities to virtual guided tours thus reaching a greater audience and conveying a clearer message.

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Consulting Services

Strategy Development

Ecosystems and habitats need a meticulously developed strategy to avoid long lasting and irreversible damages to the ecosystems.

Actions Development

Actions developed either ad-hoc or under a strategy require thorough design and planning in order to achieve flawlessly the required goals.

Activities Development

Activities either on site or off-site are critical to engage people in actions and disseminate knowledge and awareness  regarding our habitat.

Activities Services

Guided Tours

We develop and execute guided tours either physically guided or by guidance content. Either by a physical guide or on paper or by a VR app our tours ensure proper information and guidance through the essentials. 

Wildlife Photography 

Wildlife photography is a great way to reach and feel nature. We develop wildlife photography activities and actions that include hiking, guiding and training. 

Off-Site Experiences

Off-site activities are critical to disseminate knowledge and engage people by overcoming the travel overhead and exploiting modern technology to create astonishing experiences.

Ecosystems and Wildlife Gallery

A glimpse of the habitats 
Dendrocopοs syriacus

A juvenile Syrian woodpecker, Dendrocopos Syriacus, watching out of his nest in an olive tree.

Polyommatus Icarus
Polyommatus Icarus

A butterfly, Polyommatus Icarus, as captured in mountain Olympus enjoying the nectar of the wildflowers. 

Crocus Chrysanthus and Galanthus Elwesii
Crocus Chrysanthus and Galanthus Elwesii

Crocus Chrysanthus and Galanthus Elwesii growing together waking up to enjoy the morning sun.

Aquila Chrysaetos  and Corvus Corax
Aquila Chrysaetos and Corvus Corax

The rare Aquila Chrysateos chasing a Corvus Corax over the summits of the mountain of Gods, Olymp.

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